Al Maraya Rent A Car Is Opening Soon In Abu Dhabi

Jan 10, 2023

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a well-known destination for residents both inside and outside the country. Take advantage of Al Maraya's top-class services for a hassle-free rent-a-car experience in Abu Dhabi. Travel according to your convenience by selecting a brand-new car from our recently opened car rental centre in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are looking for a car rental in Abu Dhabi as part of a holiday, renting a car for a particular event, or renting a car for business purposes, we are confident that you will find a vehicle to meet your needs among our large range of economic and premium vehicles. As a global leader in car rental, Al Maraya takes delight in providing world-class service, offering customizable short- and long-term rentals at low costs with no added charges.


Service is always our top priority

Daily and Weekly Car Rental

When you rent a car from Al Maraya on a daily or weekly basis, the key things that await you are excellent service, new cars, and affordable costs. Whether you need a car for work or pleasure, Al Maraya has the best car rental in Abu Dhabi.

Long Term Car Rental

Al Maraya offers long-term rent a car in Abu Dhabi to reduce your stress by offering you the best models for an extended period of time. Whether you need a car for a month, six months, or a year, Al Maraya has vast experience in delivering short-term and long-term car rental services.


24*7 Roadside Assistance - Your safety is our commitment, Anywhere in Abu Dhabi, we give you the most responsible roadside assistance in emergencies.

The Best Service - Start your unforgettable journey with Al Maraya to experience an unmatched service on renting a car in Abu Dhabi.

Pick up and Drop - If you are in the middle of something or need the convenience of a hassle-free car rental in Abu Dhabi, you can make use of our free pick up and drop facility.


Al Maraya makes it simple to arrange your car rental and get a great deal. They have the ideal car for you at the most affordable car rental rates. Based on the demands and comfort of the customer, Al Maraya provides a selection of budget-friendly, standard, executive, luxury, and premium vehicles. You receive the greatest deals on car rental in Abu Dhabi at your leisure and convenience.


Abu Dhabi is a prominent location in the United Arab Emirates that has been witnessing several revolutions and innovations. With a futuristic approach in rent a car service in Abu Dhabi, Al Maraya allows you to navigate through these transformations and reach the future. Our launch in Abu Dhabi is going to be the next big thing in the car rental Industry that caters to the advancement by providing customers with the best services along with undeniable offers. Come explore Abu Dhabi with Al Maraya rent-a-car.

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